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frustrating nightmares - mangled moments in lost time
February 15th, 2013
11:11 am


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frustrating nightmares
as dreams don't make much sense and drift within themselves...
in a hardware store and was waiting to help someone out with their stuff. it was waiting by the exit and i imagined they needed help. i waiting with s for a good while and then decided to check out and the lines were very long and there were hardly any registers open. i saw one open and of course someone got to it before me. i was so frustrated that i circled round the store and then found myself in my old car, but it was nearly out of gas or dead and practically had to be pushed. i was driving around looking for a gas station i guess. i turned down one small street and was having to drag myself as if i was a slug or paraplegic on the ground, with great effort just to move a few inches.

then i was on a highway and trying to get home but couldn't find the exit and seemed to be just going on and on.

fucking dreams. now i've had my coffee and i want to destroy the world.

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