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mangled moments in lost time


anti-matter of hope
10 September 1967
i am trying to figure out how to live and overcome human nature
3d photography, 42 up, 8-tracks, adbusters, albert ayler, analyzing life, andrei tarkovsky, animals, art, bataille, being consumed, benjamin franklin, big little books, bjork, blue of noon, books, bread, brothers quay, cabaret voltaire, cheese, climbing trees, clouds, clove oil, conversation, cool weather, cuttlefish, dada, david and lisa, david attenborough, de kooning, defeating biological impulses, delirium, delusions, documentaries, dostoyevsky, douglas sirk, dreaming, droning, dwight mackintosh, ebay, ebooks, ecstatic states of being, edvard munch, egon schiele, electronica, emmy hennings, environments records, erik satie, escape, ethiopian food, eye candy, eye contact, fallen angels, fisher-price movies, francis bacon, frank capra, frank miller's ronin, frantisek drtikol, gamelan music, gang of four, ginger root, glenn gould, greta garbo, han bennink, headphones, henry miller, hitchcock, hototogisu, iggy & the stooges, incunabula, jackson pollock, james burke, jean arthur, john coltrane, john giorno, kathleen hanna, krautrock, la jetee, libraries, lists, loaches, locked-groove records, mania, manifestos, mark beyer, marlon brando, marrow, martin donovan, montgomery clift, mountains, mounted insects, movies, music, myrna loy, nature, nick drake, nietzsche, ninth gate, not being in texas, not working, old natural history books, optic nerve, orson welles, overcoming consumerism, overcoming reality, pain of fleeting joy, pancakes, people-watching, philip k. dick, philosophy, photography, pina bausch, pink industry, pizza, preston sturges, racer x, reading, rebel without a cause, ryokan, schopenhauer, scum manifesto, sea monkeys, six feet under, sleep, sleeping in, snow, soft emotions, somnambulism, spazzing out, stereoviews, steve reich, sundays and cybele, surviving desire, the subway, throwing muses, tin toys, toto le heros, toys, trance, tropic of capricorn, twin peaks, underworld, used bookstores, van gogh, vivien leigh, voynich manuscript, walden, water, winter, zen